Local Fishing

  • Wednesday, 21 March 2012 14:42

North Leitrim and the Manorhamilton area is home to many “undiscovered” lakes and waterways, perfect for those who like to explore.  With some research and preparation, you could reap the rewards with a fine days fishing.  There is everything you could wish to try all in one area.  From course fishing on the River Bonet, Pike fishing on Loch Melvin, Atlantic salmon and Trout fishing on the River Drowes and sea fishing at Tullaghan.

Leitrim is widely acknowledged as a paradise for anglers due to its unpolluted lakes and rivers which support a huge population of wild fish.  The course fish species regularly include Bream, Roach, Pike, Perch and Eels while the game species include wild Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout.  Lough Melvin is also widely acknowledged to be the home of many Giolla Rua or Gillaroo a distinct variety of Trout.

Most course, trout, pike and sea fishing in and around North Leitrim is free, but ensure that you have the correct licences for game fishing; information for these licences can be found at www.fishinginireland.info/regulations.htm .   It is advised that Anglers new to the area purchase the relevant Discovery Series Map (produced by the Ordnance Survey of Ireland).  These maps show the many small roads and access points around the lakes and rivers.

Leitrim’s fisheries are monitored and maintained by the Fisheries boards so a high degree of excellence is assured at all times with respect to water quality, angling requirement, fish stocks etc.  This enables North Leitrim to provide such a high degree of quality fishing for which Leitrim waters are renowned.

As Leitrim has a reputation for friendliness and hospitality the visiting angler can be assured of special attention in comfortable accommodation.

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